Pokerox Mystery Box


Pokerox mystery boxes are the perfect blend of collectibles with  a mix of premium Pokemon cards and assorted crystals, gems, fossils and rocks.

– 1 Full Holographic Pokemon Card – Nothing less than a V – no commons . Everything is V, VMax, Vstar, GX, EX. Mint / Near Mint Condition
– 1 Random pull bag of premium specimen rough (amethyst, pyrite, gem silica, geodes, quartz etc)
– 1 Random pull bag of tumbled rocks (agate, jasper, pet wood)
– 1 Special bag either with premium gemstone or chance of Dino Bone, Ocean Picture Stone, Polished Thunder Egg. Chance for very valuable dinosaur gembone!
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Premium Rough Tumble Packs

About Pokerox Mystery Boxes

These Pokemon Mystery Packs are the perfect pack for kids (or adults) with a splendid assortment of treasures. Everything from crystals to shiny tumbled rocks to fossils mixed with your favorite pokemon cards in full holographic glory.

What if I get common Pokemon card?

You won’t! All cards are hand picked by us and no less than a V. All cards are V, V-Star, V-Max, EX, GX and even chance for character rare and full art cards. No commons or basic rares here!

How many rocks are in each pack?

Each pack contains a bag of specimens (5-10), bag of tumble (10-20), and a rare pick so you get about 20-30 rare rocks and gems in each pack!

Do I get better odds if I order multiple packs?

Yes! and if you order the 5 pack you are guaranteed an ultra rare card AND dinosaur gembone.

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 cm

Single Pack, 2 Pack, 3 Pack, 5 Pack

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